When considering a strong partner in Sports, Wellbeing and Healthcare development, Lahti is one of the best in the World to combine all these themes together.

As a true Winter Sports hub, Lahti provides high level expertise in training, equipment and sports event management. Furthermore, the region’s innovative healthtech companies offer a wide range of high quality wellbeing products and expertise to support athletes’ and residents’ health.

Lahti is sporty, healthy and happy. Join in the celebration!

Health Technology

The Lahti Region is one of the leading areas in Finland for the development of well-being and healthtech industry innovations.

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Sports & Recreation

With two Olympic training centres and strong expertise in sports equipment manufacturing, Lahti is the Finnish hub for high-level sports and recreation.

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Wellbeing Products & Services

The Lahti Region’s wellbeing ecosystem is a comprehensive network of public and private operators who dedicate every day to enhancing and maintaining local residents’ health and wellbeing in their everyday lives.

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Winter Know-How

The Lahti Region is the main winter sports hub in Northern Europe for high-level company ecosystems focused on Nordic skiing, ice-based sports and athlete wellbeing concepts.

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